Daan F. Oostveen

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Curriculum Vitae - Brief résumé

Daan F. Oostveen (1985, Eindhoven) studied philosophy and comparative literature at the University of Ghent in Belgium. He has been studying and working with Em. Prof Dr. Ulrich Libbrecht (Comparative Philosophy), Prof. Dr. Gertrudis van der Vijver (Critical Philosophy) and Prof. Dr. Benjamin Biebuyck (German Literature). During his studies he has been an active member of Ghent based student fraternity 't Zal Wel Gaan. Before starting on his PhD research he has worked as a teacher in non-confessional ethics in several high schools in Belgium.


Research Project: Multiple Religious Belonging

In Dutch society, cultural and religious diversity increasingly leads to hybrid religiosity. Our research project aims to bridge the gap between the inadequate current scientific discourse on religious belonging, and the empirical reality of hybrid religiosity, using the paradigm of multiple religious belonging (MRB), through a hermeneutical approach.

The central research question is: how does the phenomenon of multiple religious belonging transform traditional Western notions of ‘religion’ and ‘religious belonging’, and what does this transformation mean for Dutch society in the 21st century? 

This research will give a conceptual clarification of MRB by means of a critical review of the research literature so far. Consequently, a comparative hermeneutical research method juxtaposes MRB in Western and non-Western contexts. A critical confrontation of the Chinese hermeneutical paradigm of MRB with Western pluralist-theological perspectives will be used to develop a pluralistic, intercultural hermeneutics of MRB for the Western context.

My research is part of the NWO funded project on Multiple Religious Belonging.

I am also a member of Amsterdam Centre for the Study of Cultural and Religious Diversity (ACCORD)


Other research interests

philosophy of mind, comparative philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche, phenomenology, aesthetics, Daoism, Buddhism


Main Publications



Oostveen, Daan. “The Other Violence. A Study on the Crossroads of Thought of Emmanuel Lévinas and Jacques Derrida.”, Master dissertation in Philosophy, University of Ghent, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, September 2008.

Oostveen, Daan. “Nietzsche and Oriental Philosophy.”, Master dissertation in Comparative Literature, University of Ghent, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, September 2010.



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Libbrecht, Ulrich, Bisschop, Pierre, Oostveen, Daan. De Weg is Wijzer dan de Wegwijzer. Antwerpen: Garant, 2015.


Professional activity outside of academia

Editor in chief of Kluger Hans

Lecturer at Amarant

Lecturer at Academisch Genootschap


Social networks