Prof. M.E. Brinkman

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prof. dr. Martien E. Brinkman, foto
Professor of Ecumenical/Intercultural Theology


Several hours before and after classes, further no fixed office hours.

Research topics

  • New Jesus Images in the Non-Western and Western World. As a result of the worldwide Christian mission Christianity is spread over the whole word. This development prompted a great emphasis on contextual theology and implied the rise of a great number of new Jesus images. In this research project these images will be traced and suggestions for evaluation criteria will be discussed. After the publication of a monography on  The Non-Western Jesus (in Dutch 2007 and in English in 2009) in 2009 two articles will be published on ‘Female Non-Western Images of Jesus’ and on ‘The “Hidden Christ”. New Jesus Images in the Latin American Indigeneous Theology’. In 20011 is a monography on new Western Jesus Images foreseen.
  • Ecumenical Public Theology. In this smaller research project the results of the ecumenical debates of the last four decades will be related to the topical discussion on the rol of religion the public domain. The fort coming five years is at least one article per year within the framework of this project foreseen.


Courses in intercultural theology (BA-progr.) and items within the master courses on Ecumenical and Liberation Theologies (MCCCT) and Living Reformed Theology (LRT I and II)

In period 5 professor Brinkman teaches the course Global and local theologies of charismatic renewal (Dutch) together with professor Van den Toren.

Recent publications

  • Progress in Unity? Fifty Years of Theology within the World Council of Churches: 1945-1995, Louvain/Grand Rapids 1995, 180 pp.
  • Justification in Ecumenical Dialogue. Central Aspects of Christian Soteriology  in Debate, Zoetermeer 1996, 240 pp.
  • Sacraments of Freedom. Ecumenical Essays on Creation and Sacrament - Justification and Freedom, Zoetermeer 1999, 216 pp.
  • Het drama van de menselijke vrijheid. De ambivalente rol van het christelijke vrijheidsbegrip in de westerse cultuur, Zoetermeer 2000, 324 pp.
  • Verandering van geloofsinzicht:  Oecumenische ontwikkelingen in Noord en Zuid. Een  aanzet tot een interculturele traditiehermeneutiek, Zoetermeer 2000, 71 pp.
  • The Tragedy of Human Freedom: The Failure and Promise of the Christian Concept of Freedom in Western Culture (Currents of Encounter, Vol. 20), Amsterdam-New York 2003,  192 pp.
  • De Niet-Westerse Jezus. Jezus als bodhisattva, avatara, goeroe, profeet, voorouder of genezer?, Zoetermeer 2007, 372 pp.
  • The Non-Western Jesus. Jesus  as bodhisattva, avatara, guru, prophet, ancestor or healer? London 2009, 350 pp.
  • Jezus Incognito, Zoetermeer 2011, 230 pp.

PhD supervision

On this page you will find prof. Brinkman's realized and current supervision as well as potential research areas and themes for future PhD students.


Born 22-07-1950

1972. BTh. VU University Amsterdam (VU)
1974. MTh. VU
1979  Ph.D, VU

1976-1983 junior researcher (VU)
1983-1987 Reformed minister (half time)
1982-1887 lecturer at a theological college (half time)
1987-2000 associate professor of ecumenical theology at the Interuniversity Institute of Ecumenical and Missiological Research (IIMO) at the Utrecht University
1993-1998 holder of the Hadrian VI chair for ecumenical theology, Roman Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium (part time) 
1999-2000 holder of the Berkelbach van der Sprenkel Chair for Ecumenical Theology (VU)
2000-… full professor of ecumenical/intercultural theology (VU)
2005-… (part time) director of the International Reformed Theological Institute (IRTI) at VU University Amsterdam

Former Functions:
Dean of the VU faculty of theology (2000-2005)
President of the European Society of Ecumenists (2000-2004)
2007- 2010 director of the Interdisciplinary Institute for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society (VISOR) at VU University Amsterdam


In the media

In de kunst proef je het christendom - Friesch Dagblad, 14 april 2012.