Student portal: VUnet

VU Amsterdam has a student portal: VUnet. VUnet is a one-stop portal for all information that could previously only be accessed by logging in to a number of separate systems.

VUnet includes:

  • Canvas announcements for your degree programme;
  • your marks;
  • your courses;
  • your personal schedule indicating times and locations of courses and exams.

You can use VUnet for the following:

  • choosing specializations, minors and/or majors;
  • completing your registration details (e.g. additional address details or your prior education);
  • registering for courses and exams;
  • submitting a change of address.

Important rules

Registration for all subjects and exams.
You must use VUnet to register for all subjects. The system will immediately tell you if space is still available. All activities that you register for will appear in your personal schedule, which is where you will also find any scheduling changes. If you have not registered for a subject, you will not have access to it, your marks will not be registered, etc. In short, you cannot participate in the subject.
When registering for educational activities you will automatically be registered for the corresponding exam.

You can only register for subjects in your own degree programme.
You can only register for subjects in your own degree programme. VUnet will not display subjects from other degree programmes. If you want to take subjects from other degree programmes, then you must first request permission from the Examination Board. The Programme Secretariat / Education Office can then 'open' the subject for you so that you can register.

Additional subjects from outside your degree programme
You will be automatically registered for the extra-curricular programme. This will allow you to register for a wide range of extra-curricular subjects. These subjects do not count toward your degree.

Taking Master's subjects as a Bachelor's student
You may not take Master's subjects if you are registered as a Bachelor's student. You may, however, request provisional admission to the Master's programme. Please contact the Programme Secretariat / Education Office of your faculty for more information.

Uniform subject registration deadlines throughout the university
The deadline for registering for subjects is four weeks before the start of the period / semester. This applies to all degree programmes;

The registration deadline for exams and resits is two weeks before the date of the exam or resit.
Registration or deregistration for exams or resits must be completed at least two weeks before the exam date.

Administration fee: 25 euros
After the deadline you can no longer register or deregister through VUnet. If you would still like to register, then you can contact your faculty's Programme Secretariat / Education Office. If there is still space available, you will be allowed to register for a 25 euro administration fee;
if you fail to deregister for an exam in time and you do not show up, then you will be recorded as a 'no show'.


The introduction of VUnet is a truly massive project. Although tremendous effort has been put into the preparations for the big rollout, we still might encounter a few hiccoughs along the way. If you have a question or problem, please stop by the Education Office of your faculty. Or contact us at