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The Faculty of Religion and Theology offers two international Master’s degree programmes: Theology and Religious Studies and Theology & Religious Studies: Research (2 years).

All education in the Faculty of Religion and Theology is personal: students work in small groups, allowing a lot of interaction with fellow students and teachers. Within the degree programmes there is plenty space for individual choice and development, and students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a societal context. Academic challenges, active teaching methods and high-quality supervision are important elements of an education in the faculty, with current world issues and the major scientific questions playing an important role.

Prospective students

Here you will find all the information you need if you want to study at the Faculty of Religion and Theology.

Talent Policy

The Faculty of Religion and Theology is very keen to support talented students. We are developing a talent programme which guides students from the very first day in their Bachelors to the Masters and to PhD.

Graduation and pickup moments

Here you will find all information about graduation ceremonies.

A word from the Dean

Welcome to our Faculty!

Learning from Each Other: Theologies of Religious Pluralism, Comparative Theology and Scriptural Reasoning

An intensive course at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Sunday 22 September to Friday 4 October 2019

Regulations Faculty of Religion and Theology

Each Bachelor's and Master's programme has Teaching and Examination Regulations, in which the applicable procedures as well as the rights and obligations with regard to education and examinations are described. In addition, the Examination Boards have laid down Rules and Regulations.