Buddhism@VU creates attractive learning occasions for students in Religious Studies. Witnessing different Buddhist voices gives a feel of the diversity natural to, in fact, all religious traditions. Interacting with real believers brings to life the actual consequences of the philosophy studied in texts.

Recent events

  • Listen to Annewieke Vroom's year long monthly radio-column for the Dutch Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation, in the program Hemelsbreed -for example 'Mr.Sunyata' (24/9) or 'Abe and feminism' (22/10) 


Previously on Buddhism@VU

  • 2012- Lecture on Daisetz Suzuki, by professor and Soto priest Brian Victoria
  • 2011- Buddhism, Christianity, and the Question of Creation. Lecture by Perry Schmidt-Leukel, Professor of Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology at the University of Münster in Germany and also Board member of the European Network of Buddhist-Christian studies.  A cooperation with the general ACCORD-lecture series. Click here for the flyer. (70 participants).
  • 2011- Are you who you want to be? Buddhist ideas about who we are and can be. A multi-media cooperation with Bodhitv. At VU University, a program in Buddhist Chaplaincy is being designed, for Buddhists who want to serve as religious leaders in prisons, hospitals, the army and congregations. But how to take care of our selves? What is a healthy human being- someone who always smiles like the Buddha? Three Buddhist educators shared their experiences and aspirations. We were lucky to have as our guests Tenkei Coppens (a Zenmaster and founder of Zen River, an internationally oriented trainings-monastery that is recognized by the Japanese Soto school), and Alie Rozendal & Stef Lauwers (Buddhist Chaplains for the Dutch Department of Justice). Also, our students in Religious Studies Jill Peters, Emy van Gorkum and Esther van den Belt read a column about their ways of dealing with life understood in dialogue with Buddhist philosophy. All other students gave their views in a short movie and/or published their essays on the Bodhitv website. (100 participants).
  • 2011 - Modern manifestations of an ancient tradition. Cultivating Buddhism in the Modern World. Guest Lecture by Rev.dr. Heng Sure, an American Buddhist monk ordained in the Chinese tradition for over thirty years who taught Buddhist-Christian dialogue at Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley). Respons by Annewieke Vroom. A project in cooperation with Dharma Realm Buddhist University. View the bootleg to Heng Sure's lecture here. (100 participants, including a large group of Heng Sure's followers).
  • 2011 - Manifesting Suchness (Jp. Genjokoan), a Buddhist text by Dogen. A Guest Lecture by dr. André van der Braak (philosopher and Zen teacher)
  • 2011 -Who is this person, learning from East and West? A Dialogue between dr. Jan Bor (publicist in East-West philosophy), and drs. Annewieke Vroom (philosopher of religion).
  • 2010 - Buddhist Ethics in Light of Imperial-Way Zen
    Guest lecture and colloqium by Christopher Ives (Stonehill College, USA)
  • 2009 - Suffering, Impermanence, No-self: A Trialogue on the basic Buddhist insights
    With Ingrid Dassen (Boeddhistisch coach, ongebonden), Meino Zeillemaker (Tibetan Buddhism) and Andre van der Braak (Zen).
  • 2008 - Suffering, Impermanence, No-self: A Trialogue on the basic Buddhist insights
    With Jotika Hermsen (Theravada), Meino Zeillemaker (Tibetan Buddhism) and Andre van der Braak (Zen).
  • 2008 - Diverse Religious Perspectives on Health Care
    With lectures by and dialogue between professor Steven Heine on Zen Buddhism, prof.dr. Cees van der Kooij on Protestant traditions, and drs. Erik de Jongh on Monastic traditions.
  • 2008 - Dogen Symposium: interpretations of the Genjokoan
    With a lecture by professor Steven Heine, (International University of Florida, USA)  responses by Zen teacher Nico Tydeman and Indian Philosophy expert dr. Bruno Nagel
  • 2007 - Zen Buddhism and Inter-religious Dialogue
    Double lecture by the famous Dutch Zen teacher Ton Lathouwers and Annewieke Vroom (MA)
  • 2007 - A Buddhist-Christian dialogue on Evil
    Speakers: prof.dr. William LaFleur ( University of Pennsylvania, USA) and prof.dr. Henk Vroom (in collaboration with VU Podium)


Everyone is always welcome. For students, all events are free, and if they like they can also do a donation. For others, our activities are kept at minimal costs. Please register for participation through a.l.vroom@vu.nl.


To propose a collaboration or donate to Buddhism@VU you are most welcome to e-mail Annewieke Vroom, initiator and coordinator of this series since 2007.


Many of the above events were followed-up by interviews with our speakers, see www.buddhistmedia.com. Information about past editions of the series by year:

Close collaboration with bodhitv.nl
Thanks to a genius introduction by Gert-Jan Mulder (director of BOS, Buddhist Broadcasting) at one of the Buddhism@VU events, a very pleasant cooperation with Anne Kleisen from Bodhitv and Annewieke Vroom started. It was named the Word Wakker met de VU-project. Read the students publications and Buddhist responses, and check out the film with our students expressing their views on Buddhism, at www.Bodhitv.nl. Search on 'Word Wakker / VU'.

The project was integrated in the course taught by Annewieke Vroom on Eastern Philosophy, which was rewarded with an Education Prize (5000 Euro) in 2008.