Within the Faculty of Religion and Theology high quality research is conducted into religion and faith. This involves a focus on sources and traditions and on the present meaning of religion for society and culture. The research is conducted in two Research Departments: Texts and Traditions, and Beliefs and Practices, which are brought together in the inter-faculty research institute VISOR, in which theologians, philosophers, historians, anthropologists and literary and religious scholars work alongside each other. 

Students from the Netherlands and abroad who wish to prepare for a PhD programme take the two-year Research Master’s programme Research in Religion & Theology. After successfully completing this programme, they are automatically admitted as PhD students.

The Faculty also has a Researchers in Residence programme, designed for established researchers. There is also a Returning PhDs programme for international students who were awarded their MA by our faculty. Both of these programmes offer international guests the opportunity to spend several months continuing their research in Amsterdam.