Master's degree programmes

The Faculty offers two international Master's degree programmes. Within the one-year programme you will choose a specialization in one of the professional areas of interest.

Theology & Religious Studies (1 year)

The one-year programme Theology & Religious Studies aims to train academic professionals who specialize in the role of religion and theology in spiritual care, education, management or media or allows one to specialize in one area of theological expertise, also enabling students to proceed towards the second year of the research master's programme. Central to this professional master's programme is the link between a specific realm in contemporary society and the way in which theological reflection relates to this field. The programme includes general and specialized courses, a traineeship and thesis.

Theology and Religious Studies
Interreligious Studies
A need has arisen in recent years for interreligious dialogue in politics, education and business. This has much to do with globalization: flows of migrants, increasing mobility and new and changing modes of communication have made the world a smaller place.
Exploring a Discipline
The ‘Exploring a Discipline’ programme offers you an in-depth MA programme in theology or religious studies. You can pursue a thematic or disciplinary focus of your own choice.
Spiritual Care (klein)
Spiritual Care (Dutch)
You will learn about spiritual care in healthcare institutions, prisons and the military.
Peace, Trauma and Religion
Peace, Trauma and Religion
This master program aims to communicate insights and prepares professionals for this growing field of peace and conflict studies.

Theology & Religious Studies (research) (2 years)

This two-year master’s curriculum prepares the student for PhD study at VU University Amsterdam. It aims to further one’s understanding of a specific area of expertise in theology and religious studies. It is a must have for a career in theological and religious studies research. The programme includes more than six specialized courses in theological research, a research internship that is closely related to one’s area of expertise and the research done within the faculty, participation in research seminars and a major thesis that functions as the first step towards a PhD dissertation.

Theology & Religious Studies: Research
Theology and Religious Studies (research)Theology & Religious Studies: Research
The Theology & Religious Studies Research Master's programme offers students the opportunity to conduct research in any specialization offered.