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My research concentrates on the functions of the verbal forms in Biblical Hebrew Poetry. Simple comparisons of modern translations' renderings of verbal forms in poetic texts make clear that there is no consistency at all when it comes to the analysis of verbal functions.

Underlying this problem is the general tendency in Old Testament Studies to regard the Hebrew language used in poetic texts as totally different from 'common language' used in Hebrew prose. As a result, it is generally considered irrelevant to study Hebrew poetry, and its use of verbal forms in particular, in terms of the grammatical rules of Biblical Hebrew's linguistic system.

My research aims to change this situation by proposing a methodological shift. Instead of starting the study of poetic texts with literary-rhetorical analysis, we first analyze the poetic texts from a linguistic perspective.

One of the central assumptions in my research project is the idea that the function of a verbal form is determined to a large extent by syntactic patterns at clause level and at discourse level. For the identification and analysis of these patterns extensive use is made of the database of the 'Werkgroep Informatica' (WIVU). Next to that, I am developing a program myself. The goal of this program is to systematically calculate the functions of all verbal forms in a given text and to make proposals with regard to the translation of the verbal forms.


2009:    Bachelor Godgeleerdheid (Universiteit van Utrecht); cum laude 

2010:    Master of Theology, specialization Bible Translation (Vrije Universiteit); cum laude

2011:    Research Master of Theology (Vrije Universiteit); cum laude

October 2011-present:    PhD research 'Verbal Forms in Biblical Hebrew Poetry: Linguistic System or Poetical Freedom?' (promotor: prof.dr. Eep Talstra; co-promotor: prof.dr. Wido van Peursen)

2010-present:    Translation Consultant in Training for Wycliffe/SIL Eastern Congo