Education and Research

Minor Bachelor

From the academic year 2020-2021, the centre will offer an interdisciplinary minor in Religion and Sustainable Development, as a part of an international Bachelor’s programme. This minor aims to train the next generation of students in the multifaceted intersections between religion and SDG-related societal, political and economic issues.

After their graduation Bachelor's students can deepen their interest in the field of religion and sustainable development in the one-year full time Master's degree programme Theology & Religious Studies, specialization Exploring a Discipline.

Students from other disciplines than religion and theology are also invited to follow this minor.

Master's programmes and PhD

Within the Master's degree programme Theology & Religious Studies, the centre offers the opportunity of a focus area in which students pursue their interest in the field of religion, theology and sustainable development.

The centre also allows students to do a PhD in the field of religion and sustainable development. Supervisors have backgrounds in various religious traditions and expertise in various themes of the SDG-agenda. Interdisciplinary projects are highly encouraged.

- Eva van Urk
From October 2018 onwards, Eva works as a PhD candidate in the field of Christian ecotheology and investigates the potential of the religious concept of imago Dei for addressing human-caused extinction and stirring ecological responsibility. Her research is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

- Sofia van Winden
From 2019 onwards, Sofia addresses in her research matters of motivation and inspiration in the context of SDG realizations, not only by exploring values that guide development aspirations but also perspectives and ideas that provide these values frameworks with a sense of meaning derived from spiritual traditions. A case study on climate action (SDG 13) is done.

Fellowship Ethics of the Anthropocene

The Fellowship for Ethics of the Anthropocene is a joint initiative by the Faculty of Religion and Theology and the Institute for Environmental Studies (Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences). Each year this project alternately appoints a Senior, or one or more junior Fellows.
- The Senior Fellowship is a grant that allows internationally prominent scientists to work at VU Amsterdam for a period of three to six months.
- The VU Junior Fellowship consists of a scholarship granted to one or more excellent PhD-students, which allows them to pursue part of their project up to six months at the vibrant academic community of VU Amsterdam.

In order to allow for the engagement with different religious traditions and different schools of thought, fellowships will only be granted for one period and cannot be extended or renewed.

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