Biblical Studies

Ordinary Chairs 
New TestamentProf. M.C. de Boer
New TestamentProf. L.J. Lietaert Peerbolte
Old TestamentProf. E. Talstra
Endowed Chair 
Biblical TheologyProf. J. Dubbink


Dogmatics and Ecumenics

Ordinary Chairs 
Western Systematic TheologyProf. C. van der Kooi
SymbolismProf. A. van de Beek
VU University Desmond Tutu Chair in Youth, Sport and ReconciliationProf. E.A.J.G. Van der Borght
J.H. Bavinck Chair for Missiology and Intercultural TheologyProf. S. Paas
Intercultural TheologyProf. M.E. Brinkman
Mennonite Peace and Justice EthicsProf. F. Enns
Endowed Chairs 
Church in the context of the IslamProf. B.J.G. Reitsma
Orthodoxy and Peace building in EuropeProf. A. Brüning
History, identity and theology of BaptismProf. H.A. Bakker
History of the ReformationProf. E.A. de Boer
Theology of Charismatic RenewalProf. B. van den Toren


Church History

Ordinary Chairs 
Church HistoryProf. W. Janse
Church HistoryEm. Prof. C.P.M. Burger
Church History (Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom chair)Prof. M.G.K. van Veen
Collection Development and the History of Neo-CalvinismProf. G. Harinck
History of the Religious BookProf. A.A. den Hollander
History of Baptism and the Related MovementsProf. P. Visser
Endowed Chairs 
History of Reformed PietismProf. W.J. op 't Hof
European Culture and Christianity, especially in relation to the work of AugustineProf. M.A. Smalbrugge
Augustine StudiesProf. P.J.J. van Geest


Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Study of Religions

Ordinary Chairs 
Buddhist philosophy in dialogue with other philosophical traditionsProf. A.F.M. van der Braak
Philosophy of ReligionProf. W.L. van der Merwe
Comparative Theology and Hermeneutics of the Interriligious Dialogue (Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom chair)Prof. M. Moyaert
Endowed Chairs 
Comparative Theology and Hermeneutics of the Interreligious Dialogue (Fenna Diemer Lindeboom leerstoel)Prof. M. Moyaert
Dom Hélder Câmara Chair for Peace and JusticeProf. J.H. de Wit
Remonstrant TheologyProf. C.W. Anbeek



Ordinary Chairs
Sociology of ReligionProf. H.C. Stoffels
Practical TheologyProf. R.R. Ganzevoort
Religious EducationProf. S. Miedema
EthicsProf. J.S. Reinders
Eastern Orthodox TheologyProf. A. Louth
Endowed Chairs
Liturgical StudiesProf. M. Barnard
Edward Schillebeeckx chair for Theology and SocietyProf. M. Kalsky


Centre for Islamic Theology

Ordinary Chair 
Arabic and Islam StudiesProf. F.C.W. Doufikar-Aerts
Endowed Chair 
Christian-Muslim RelationsProf. P.A. van Doorn-Harder