Miriam Adan Jones MA

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faculteit religie en theologie ( texts & tradition )


My PhD project, ‘Catholics of the English Race’ explores the overlap between ethnic and ecclesiological categories in England in the early Middle Ages (ca. 650-1050). When Anglo-Saxon authors speak of the ‘church of the English’, what do they mean? How does this ethnically circumscribed church relate to other ecclesiological categories such as the diocese, the province, or the universal church? And how does this change as, over the course of the centuries, political and social changes alter the meaning of ‘Englishness’?

The sources for my study include epistolary, historiographic, homiletic, exegetical and hagiographic works, and are clustered in two groups: one from the earlier and one from the later half of the period under study. By analyzing these sources’ use of ethnic and ecclesiological language, I aim to reconstruct a picture of the way ethnicity could function as an ecclesiological category in early medieval Britain, both before and after the unification of the English kingdom.

My work is funded by a PhDs in the Humanities grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and supervised by prof. dr. Hagit Amirav and prof. dr. Paul van Geest.


2009 - BA Theology and Religious Studies, Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven (met onderscheiding)

2012 - MA Theology, VU University, Amsterdam (cum laude)

2013 - MA Religion and Theology (research), VU University, Amsterdam (cum laude; thesis awarded the annual faculty Thesis Prize)

2013 - contract courses Old English, Leiden University


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